We take pleasure in being a dependable security guard service at Om Sai Security Service, Akola. The company’s three significant foundations are truth, transparency, and trust. We can climb above their perceived restrictions by committing to ethical marketing and taking concrete steps to execute that commitment, resulting in an honest and successful team in our organization.

Our values and principles motivate us to deliver precisely what we promise to our customers. This is primarily why we have maintained our status as the most significant security guard business for so long. We are committed to quality, and we guarantee that the projects we complete will be completed with the highest level of honesty and timeliness possible.


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Industrial Security Service

With many expensive apparatus and equipment in and around them, industries and factories are considered vulnerable sites. Furthermore, these locations employ a vast number of individuals engaged in various duties. Our industrial security officer keeps an eye on them to maintain their authenticity without jeopardizing their distinctiveness.

To protect your business, we supply experienced and certified Industrial security guards.

We are known as an industrial security agency for our services that include total safety and the prevention of loss of life on your premises. Regular patrols assure the protection of your highly sophisticated machines and the safety of the personnel, as we are outstanding adroit specialists.


Some of the benefits of our industrial security services:

  • Our industrial security staff are highly trained and efficient in dealing with the issues of any large or small factory facilities, including constant monitoring, guarding valuables, and preventing violence.
  • Keeping up-to-date records of everyday activities in logbooks.
  • Conducting mobile patrols during and after office hours to ensure the safety of the premises by inspecting and locking all access doors, windows, elevators, and gates.

Our Om Sai Security Services, Akola, has a lot of expertise in the sector and has earned the trust of many businesses and factories. Our industrial security guard services have a reputation for providing you with fast and cost-effective security solutions. Industrial security is critical because it protects the company from loss or damage.


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