A hospital’s security service is responsible for safeguarding the security and safety of the hospital’s equipment, workers, patients, and visitors and regulating traffic within the facility. A hospital is a bustling public area dedicated to providing care, comfort, and cure to patients. Every day, thousands of people visit this location. It is impossible to spot any antisocial behavior or predict someone’s intentions amid a crowd. As a result, unfavorable circumstances such as fights, loud scenes, accidents, and thefts continue to occur in hospitals.

Although every staff member is responsible for safety and security, technical employees, who are preoccupied with patient care, do not have the time or training to do so. Patients, for the most part, are unable to defend themselves or their things. As a result, hospitals have a separate and specialized department known as security service, which is charged with overseeing the entire hospital organization and preventing anything untoward (of a nonmedical, nontechnical type) from occurring.

Om Sai Security Service’s Hospital Security Service, Ahmadnagar is responsible for preventing and responding to any disruption or security breach so that hospital operations can continue smoothly and without interruption.

Our professional guards’ primary responsibilities include protecting the hospital, its employees and property, the patients/public and their property, traffic management, and the operation of a lost and found service. It is led by a seasoned security officer who has undergone extensive training in security techniques and procedures.

The supervisors and guards of Om Sai Security Service are well-trained, challenging, and mature individuals, with some female personnel on hand to check/frisk or otherwise deal with female employees and guests.

Security personnel of Om Sai Security is equipped with a sound communication system (walkie-talkie, mobile phones, intercom, and whistles), as well as enough security lights, torches, and other critical necessities.

The security officer can watch several vital sections and different floors of the hospitals using a large number of guards deployed in strategic locations.

The security guards are polite but stern, as the hospitals are frequented by a significant number of ill or suffering individuals or who are concerned about the lives and well-being of loved ones.

While checking or guiding their movement, our security team is urged to be sensitive to their emotional state.

Our workforce’s most significant feature is that they are vigilant and have trained their eyes, ears, and wits to respond pro-actively to avoid unfavourable situations from occurring.

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