Event Security Services in Pune

Event Security Services in Pune

They help in protecting businesses, banks, and other important localities. Our guards not only protect places but also protect people.

Step one would be to find out what should be secured and what exactly the guard’s duties will comprise of. We are offering reliable security guard service, trained guards, security supervisors, office security and security personnel in Pune.

We are a private limited company provides trained security, guard force, services security with cost-effective.

Security guards could be positioned at stationary areas to manage entryway. and examine people getting into and going out of the property. Manage crowds, provide instructions, consent to offers, and dissuade misbehavior.

Security guards also patrol and inspect the property to secure against fire, burglary, criminal damage, and prohibited activity.

The security guards are well provided for the ceremony throughout the state and. We are providing them with bouncers, armed guards, lady bouncers and lady guards at reasonable rates.

We are providing facilities at Bouncers Jobs in Pune. Security Guard Jobs in Pune, Security Services in Mumbai and the entire state of Maharashtra.

By sending inquiry from other branches from our Pune head office, our officers visit the concerned customers. and give detailed information about the background and work of our company.

 We properly pay salaries, provident fund, ESIC, bonuses, and other facilities as per Government rule.

He needs training and a license to become an armed guard.

This license is obtained from the candidate from the State Department of Home Affairs. after fulfilling some of its terms and conditions.

Armed security services are an important service and the worker’s involved need to be educated and have a healthy body.

Security Services In Pune, We are at the forefront of our work in these important services sectors. and will continue to provide excellent services to sustain them.

We are currently striving for the branding of our company and reaching our goals. By promoting on social media, Google and Facebook.

We are providing good manpower for the corporate, event, hospital, industrial sectors.

Om Sai Safeguard Services is a government registered company and is providing services throughout Maharashtra.