We are glad to present ourselves as Om Sai Security Service, a renowned Security Service in Ahmadnagar. We have successfully retained our clients in our client list for a more extended period, with a retention rate of 100% with complete client satisfaction.

The mission of Om Sai Security Services, Ahmadnagar is to improve customer satisfaction by delivering cost-effective benchmarking services. We are client-focused, technology-focused, people-focused, quality-oriented, and forward-thinking in our approach. We aim to provide the most outstanding level of service possible.

We are a self-performing, fully integrated maintenance solution security service provider that provides superior security guard services to other companies. We achieve quality by maintaining tight control over our services and ensuring uniformity across your whole portfolio.

In Ahmadnagar, we have in-house technical skills, specialization, and technology to build highly inventive solutions to fit your facility’s demands. We endeavor to control and run your facilities efficiently and cost-effectively.

Om Sai Safeguard Services teach our employees regularly. We want to take this opportunity to promote ourselves as a process-driven security firm that maintains a clean and safe workplace. Our employees are knowledgeable and well-trained to keep up with the fast-paced corporate world.

Private companies use our security officers and guards to protect physical property and staff against vandalism, theft, bodily harm, fire, and unlawful activities. Sometimes security guards are required to carry firearms due to the dangerous nature of their jobs.

Our corporate office security guards are recruited to watch building entrances and exits, protect employees and customers, respond to company alarms, and conduct general surveillance. On foot or in cars, mobile security training guards patrol regions. They are in charge of holding and removing criminals, and they are frequently in contact with others by radio. They can also handle service calls and radio for assistance.

Writing daily activity reports, receiving phone calls during off-hours, and alerting the fire department or law enforcement in some instances, such as a criminal violation, fire, or trespassing, are all everyday responsibilities for our corporate security guards. They may be requested to move about among patrons and customers or be asked to stay at one station.

We provide professional, world-class, and continuous service to our clients and adhere to a strict “Client First” policy. As a result, we have shown time and again that you can count on us 100 percent, even during significant crises, without jeopardizing your business continuity strategy.

If you would like any security services in Maharashtra, you can contact us. 7070020202.