The role of private security organizations has grown dramatically over the last decade, thanks to the emergence of international corporations and the country’s rapid development and success on all fronts.

With shifting client demands, the security sector had also changed dramatically, from previous days when security was more of a chowkidar idea to today’s security guard, where skills, motivation, initiative, and training are more important than ever.


Om Sai Security Services, Amravati, can always be counted on to handle the ever-increasing need for security services. We have cutting-edge security systems on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every security officer is empowered to provide a broad range of “reliable,” high-efficiency security services. It improves our ability to mobilize resources and staff in response to current and future requirements. We’ve been one of the most sought-after service providers in various industries because of our excellent work culture and reputation.


Following are the services that we provide:

Armed Security Services

Corporate Security Services

Event Security Services

Hospital Security Services

Industrial Security Services

Security Services For Bank



Industrial Security Service

With many expensive apparatus and equipment in and around them, industries and factories are considered vulnerable sites. Furthermore, these locations employ many individuals engaged in various duties, making it difficult to keep track of them as they enter and exit the premises. Visitors come to these locations as well, and our industrial security officer keeps an eye on them to maintain their authenticity without jeopardizing their distinctiveness. To protect your business, we supply experienced and certified Industrial security guards.


As an industrial security agency, our services include total safety and the prevention of loss of life on your premises. Regular patrols assure the protection of your highly sophisticated machines and the safety of the personnel, as we are outstanding adroit specialists.

Our industrial security staff is highly trained and efficient in dealing with large or small factory facilities, including constant monitoring, guarding valuables, and preventing violence.


Why Choose Om Sai Security Service, Amravati?

We go to extremes to match our clients with the most qualified professional for their needs. By providing one-of-a-kind service with great care, we’ve created a solid position in most industries. In addition, our industrial security guard services have a reputation for providing you with fast and cost-effective security solutions. Industrial security is critical because it protects the company from loss or damage.