Om Sai Safeguard Services, Amravati, made an undeniable effort to offer a wide range of security services to private and public sectors, hospitals, and workplaces while considering the importance of security systems on the corporate and industrial fronts.

In providing the highest possible security services, Om Sai Security Services endeavors to meet its clients’ highest expectations and requirements in the most efficient manner feasible. Such a corporation engages in any security-related activities, thereby providing a whole security cover to its clients’ expectations. It is also to declare that it would fine-tune its operations following the needs of the clientele.


Following are the services that we provide:

Armed Security Services

Corporate Security Services

Event Security Services

Hospital Security Services

Industrial Security Services

Security Services For Bank



Corporate Security Service


We provide our clients with Corporate Security Guard Service. We constantly analyze their background and previous experience details before recruiting these guards to avoid any future mishaps.

The security officers ‘ responsibility is to ensure the safety, security, and protection of the company employees, visitors, and property. Security officers are tasked with patrolling a specific area, responding to safety and security risks, and establishing a security presence.

While providing training following the most recent security systems, security employees are educated to carry out the management’s processes and directions as desired.


Why Choose Om Sai Security Service, Amravati

Om Sai Security Services’ primary goal is to improve its image rather than make money. The desired goal is accomplished by employing highly trained and experienced security professionals overseen by stringent personnel supervisors.

We quote in line with the current Minimum Wage Act and any other laws that must be followed and our Service charges to run the performance according to your requirements and demands.

Our services are flawless. We are the best in the security service sector in Amravati because we synchronize with the goals and objectives of our clients.

A rigorous selection process is used to find suitable personnel from a large pool of candidates.



A tried-and-true procedure and system that follows best practices

A pool of high-quality managerial resources

A well-organized operation team with Supervision at Multiple Levels

Access to senior management is simple, and meetings are held regularly.

Customer feedback and testimonials

Guards at the highest level of motivation

Attrition rate that is kept under control

Team of qualified risk assessors and security auditors